Sunday, December 24, 2000

Mood Indigo 2000: Calm before the storm...

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Lose hope all ye who enter here...

The perfect calm...before the perfect storm. If ever one wondered what Rome looked like 12 hours before the opening of the Circus Maximus this would come real close. Yessir! Mood Indigo 2000 at the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay@Powai is all set to kick off- in grand style.

The CL (Contingent Leader) Meeting followed by the Mood-I inauguration on Monday evening took place almost unnoticed though the buzz on campus is electrifying. The CL meeting as usual achieved what most of these meetings achieve - nothing. However, it was nice to get to know the Co-ord committee - they seem like a fun bunch of chaps. Most of the serious contingents attended with CL and ACLs, a notable exception being the contingent of the hosts. The IIT-B CL (and who knows who he is) was seen for about a third of a picosecond - he literally took a peek and went out. On being asked by a fellow IITian as to who his ACLs were, he replied 'No idea yaar - Tu banega?' Yup... we're in for one hell of a time this Mood-I.

The stand-out feature this Mood-I are the number of outstation teams who've landed up. Bangalore deserves special mention what with 20 odd guys from Law School, some great quizzers from RVCE and a small contingent from Mount Carmel's too.

The 'outstie' influx seemed too much for the Hospie dept. who had some major accommodation problems to sort out. The happiest guys in Powai seem to be the cabbies and ricksha-wallahs. Stories from bleary eyed Bangaloreans about outrageous fares - 500 bucks from Kurla to Powai and 70 bucks from Kanjur Marg to Main Gate - sent us Mumbaikars into fits of laughter. Talk about rip-offs!

The main attraction on Day 1 will definitely be the rock show elims. Four bands will be selected to perform at the 'Livewire' finals on Friday night - only one will make it to the big stage. The Classical nite also promises to be fabulous.

Christmas Day was low key at IIT-B but the next four days are gonna be anything but that. Amazing prize money has attracted top class competition and if you can win, say, a quiz at Mood-I then you're an exponent of 'Godgiri' - IIT lingo for performer of miracles. Futchas (freshers) scurry around plastering last minute banners, the last few changes to the schedule are made, fingers are crossed... we come...