Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Gimme A Break, Mr. Prime Minister.

I don't believe our Hon. PM, Dr. Singh could have said this with a straight face: Coming to Patil's rescue, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh rubbished the charges as "mudslinging" saying there was no evidence that Pratibha Patil herself was involved in any of the irregularities.

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Sure, its the BJP that's very openly behind the campaign to discredit the leading presidential candidate and they're pretty open about it. But to say that there's no evidence that Mrs. Patil herself was involved in any of the irregularities is laughable. Either she's dishonest or she's incredibly clueless - both qualities that the average citizen does not want the next President of India to possess. Webster defines "mudslinger" as one who uses offensive epithets and invective especially against a political opponent. In this case, the harshest invective from the BJP is nothing but verbatim quoting of the report from the Reserve Bank of India - the institution that the PM himself headed more than two decades ago!