Wednesday, November 19, 2008

PC Magazine: Another One Bytes The Dust!

The venerable PC Magazine is dead, long live the magazine ... All hail!

I guess the only person chuckling about this is "micropersuader" Steve Rubel of Edelman PR who got into a bit of a twitter-tangle last year after admitting that he no longer bothers with the physical mag, much to the annoyance of the Editor, who even threatened a boycott of Rubel's PR firm.

I guess at some level veteran tech hack Alice Hill feels vindicated too, though the irony of the piece she wrote on CNET nearly 10 years ago is that CNET itself couldn't keep up with the Web 2.0 wave and sold out to CBS earlier this year.

So basically, the rise-glory-fall cycle is getting quicker than ever before thanks to them internets! It took a long time for print to get out of fashion, shorter for network television and no time at all on the web. I mean wasn't Jerry the messiah just like ... yesterday?